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Much of the anxiety older people feel comes down to money. Seniors are troubled about protecting and managing their estate, affording nursing home care, qualifying for Medicare and minimizing estate taxes.

At Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, our estate lawyers are dedicated to delivering solutions to ease these anxieties and give older clients and their family members greater confidence in the future. We have served hundreds of clients throughout the Miami Valley and the state of Ohio.

Unique Challenges, Unique Solutions

Our firm works with seniors and other family members to get ready for the years to come, which often have special challenges. These areas are of particular concern to our clients:

  • Qualifying for Medicare
    Without protective measure, the government expects older people to spend down all their savings until they qualify as “poor” before they can access benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. We help to protect assets through trusts and other mechanisms.
  • Financial abuse
    Just as nursing homes are often abusive or negligent, other parties also prey on older people, including family members, con artists, attorneys and others who persuade seniors to sign away valuable assets. They are vulnerable to deception, scare tactics and outright fraud. Our firm is a leader in the Dayton area in litigating contested wills. We also litigate civil suits when an older person has been cheated, robbed or victimized by forgery.
  • Minimizing taxation
    Passing the greatest portion of your assets on to the next generation requires a combination of legal tools. We ensure that seniors can take care of their families without sending an undue percentage to the IRS.

Assertive Representation For Ohio Seniors

Let the elder law attorneys at Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, ease your anxieties. We are always happy to meet with seniors or adult children of seniors to discuss protecting their assets and their peace of mind.

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