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Business lawsuits and mergers

Business owners face a number of different challenges and they may also be presented with many different types of opportunities. Sometimes, these opportunities may lead to challenges, both from a short-term point of view and down the road. As a business owner, it is crucial to be aware of any ways in which you can grow your company and reach new heights. At the same time, you should be mindful of any potential hurdles that could arise, especially those which affect your firm from a legal standpoint. For example, a merger could lead to litigation and it may also be affected by a lawsuit.

Should you register your trademark?

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a larger corporation, you are most likely concerned with protecting your company’s brand. A trademark is used to represent a company, idea or product through use of an emblem, logo, symbol or sign. Although you are not required to register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, there may be benefits to doing so. 

Following Fox deal, Disney eyes Hulu

The Walt Disney Company is so prevalent in the world of multimedia that people in Ohio likely consume content released by the company without realizing it. Following a successful deal to acquire Fox that took effect on March 20th, Disney's CEO confirms that the entertainment conglomerate is now eyeing a larger stake in Hulu, one of the most popular online streaming platforms for television and movies. 

Avoiding burnout as a small business owner

Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding. It is also a lot of hard work. The tasks that come before an entrepreneur can sometimes seem unending. Given this, one thing it can be very important for company owners to stay aware of is the risk of burnout.

Is your company's HR department up to date and viable?

To say that a company's human resources department plays a key and varied role in daily administrative and operational functions is sheer understatement. Even a quick look at what HR specialists routinely focus upon reveals the all-encompassing oversight that this management group commands in the work realm.

Protecting whistleblowers in your company

You run an ethical business, and you hope your employees feel respected and appreciated. However, you are experienced enough to know that there is always the chance that someone on your staff will take advantage of his or her situation for personal gain. If that happens, it places your whole company in jeopardy.

Trade secrets: Protecting what is most important

In a time when there are few secrets and privacy is rare, businesses must explore every available measure in order to protect trade secrets. This can be a difficult task, primarily because the drafting of non-compete or confidentiality agreements is complicated. If your business success depends in part or entirely on proprietary information, you must have legal contracts that are enforceable.

Small business internet security in the 21st century

The 21st century poses certain challenges for small businesses like yours when there is a push to be technologically competitive in the wake of cyber hacking. Every small business owner wants to protect their business and employees from an unauthorized probe and sometimes even downright theft.

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