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For many people, the most important factor in a business transaction is price. Getting a good price for the services, equipment or raw materials that your business needs to continue providing services or turning out products is critical to your business having future success. The other company wants to get paid a fair amount. This conflict of interests will often be the primary focus of negotiations.

While negotiating a price is an important part of establishing a contract, establishing a timeline for delivery or the completion of a project is also very important. Including such information in your business contract will protect you if things go awry later.

Why timing is so critical for business arrangements

If you need a steady supply of a perishable material in order to produce a product, having a reliable source that provides that material to you at predictable intervals will allow you to control your costs and reduce waste. When it comes to services rendered by an outside company, whether you hire them to fix your parking lot up or to renovate a portion of your factory, knowing when they will finish the work is necessary for advertisement and business planning purposes.

When a supplier or service provider can’t meet a timeline, it can have major implications for your business as well. You need to consider the costs you might incur if the other party fails to adhere to the timeline they set in the contract. Although being understanding about small delays is reasonable, letting a company violate its obligations to you could have financial implications. In some cases, you may need to take that other business to court because of their breach of contract.