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When choosing a business partner, there are many things to consider. For instance, do you choose someone who is similar to you? On one hand, it seems like you should, as you’ll both be more likely to see eye-to-eye and avoid disputes. On the other hand, working with someone who is different than you will give you a more well-rounded skill set, when taken together, along with different perspectives that can help balance each other. So, what should you do?

One man argued that the strength of his business lay in the fact that he and his business partner were complete opposites. They had the ability to take on different tasks, they both had skills that the other lacked and they were able to combine what they each did well to quadruple the business’ size. Clearly, that type of variety of skills and personalities helped them. 

That said, he did say it could go too far if people were too different. He used a food analogy, saying it shouldn’t be like trying to mix ice cream and lemonade, but more like mixing peanut butter and chocolate. Two people who were polar opposites may have more conflicts and arguments. Two people who were different but complemented one another, however, would be able to work together to make the business better than it could ever be with only one of them. 

You can tell how important this relationship is, but also how tricky things can get. If you choose a business partner who is much different than you, and if that leads to a dispute in the future, you must know what legal options you have for a resolution. It’s smart to plan ahead for problems. While they may never happen, doing so can prevent a major disaster.