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Dayton attorneys select a new downtown location for expansion

Dayton, OH: In the culmination of efforts spanning 18 months, the law firm of Gottschlich & Portune announces their move to Performance Place on Main Street in downtown Dayton. For over 20 years, the lawyers of Gottschlich & Portune have served the Dayton community, litigating and advocating for entrepreneurs, businesses, franchise owners, partnerships, and more. With dedicated clients and a commitment to personalized service, Gottschlich & Portune has outgrown its current office and look forward to the move in mid-July.

People across Dayton may be surprised to see listings seeking new ownership for the historic Armory building. “The decision to leave The Armory was not made lightly. The truth is that we just couldn’t grow in the way we needed to while maintaining the integrity of this beloved, iconic building that means so much to the Dayton community,” explains attorney Mary Lentz.

Gottschlich & Portune’s new office space in Performance Place is located next to the Schuster Center, a popular destination for fans of Dayton’s theater arts scene. “We’re pleased to be moving forward at this time. This move gives us the opportunity to continue growing and expanding while maintaining our presence in downtown Dayton, which means a great deal to us,” says attorney Martin Foos.

In the past several months, clients may have noticed a shift in the firm, as original partners and owners Gary Gottschlich and Robert “Buzz” Portune transitioned from day-to-day operations of the office to a more advisory role. “As our firm grows, we anticipate many changes in addition to this move. We look forward to where the future may lead,” explains attorney Terry Posey.

The law firm of Gottschlich & Portune, LLP has been invested in the Dayton community for more than 20 years. Guided by our principles, our pledge is to support our clients with responsive, intelligent counsel and understanding, while fiercely defending their interests. We are best known for our litigation and advocacy work representing entrepreneurs, businesses, franchise owners and individuals doing work in southwest Ohio.

To discuss our move, contact us at Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, at 937-913-0200 or visit for more information.