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One of the main reasons for business partner disputes is when two people simply do not share the same vision for the company. They don’t have the same goals. The company suffers for it, and it may lead you each to make decisions that frustrate your partner.

Perhaps your partner is focused on developing a certain technology and spreading the information. They have noble visions about bettering the world or at least the industry. They even advocate giving away some of your intellectual property for free.

You, on the other hand, know the value of that IP. You would never give it away for free. You share the goal of bettering the industry and creating new technology, but you also know that this a business. It needs income. You don’t want to sacrifice what you have worked so hard for.

This isn’t to pick a side and say one is right and one is wrong. But you and your partner need to have the same goals. If you don’t, it causes friction, and it can even lead to serious breaches of trust.

For example, what if your partner goes ahead and gives away some of that intellectual property for free, all without telling you? Not only do you disagree with what they did, but now you feel like they have cost you money. Maybe you had plans to keep developing it and turn it into a massive career milestone, setting you up for years to come. Has your partner now ruined your future, as well?

When disputes like this arise, all involved need to know what legal options they have.