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When you have to protect your rights in Ohio probate court, there are often a number of challenges facing you. At Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, we believe that the best way to face these challenges is to be informed on all the aspects of estates in Ohio.

Our strength as litigators comes partly due to our tenacity in representing our clients, but it also comes from a broad basis of information. Below are some of the key issues in Ohio probate, along with how knowledge of them could help you get fair treatment — or prevent you from being ignored.

Guardianships are an important part of many estate plans. We occasionally establish these agreements for our clients. We do this as carefully as possible in order to avoid abuse of seniors. However, the sweeping privileges that a guardianship confers upon the guardian sometimes lead to abuse of the position. In these cases, we would attempt to demonstrate out exactly how an individual made a willful or negligent breach of their obligations, such as modifying estate documents or convincing a ward to change terms in a will.

We help our clients design detailed, specific estate plans so that they have the greatest possible chance of having their wishes carried out with minimum stress to everybody involved. When investigating incidents of possible probate fraud, it is often essential to understand the purposes and probable results of the various estate planning tools. When things do not work out as expected in probate — assuming that the estate plan was complete, updated and appropriate for the situation — it is usually safe to surmise that there could be some outside influence involved. 

It takes a certain breadth of knowledge to efficiently form the basis for an argument in Ohio probate court. We believe that our estate planning practice and our probate litigation practice inform one another in this respect. Please continue to read on our main website for more information.