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You consider your pet to be part of the family. As a family member, you’d like to make sure your pet will go to a good home in the event you pass away or become incapacitated.

If you’re interested in ensuring your pet a happy future in your absence, you might consider getting a pet trust.

Pet trusts in Ohio

During your lifetime, it’s possible to create a trust that states who will take ownership of your animal if you are no longer able to—and outlines instructions for their care. In your trust, you can include any directives you deem important, including:

  • Your pet’s veterinary care
  • Special instructions regarding your pet’s diet or health
  • Outline of financial assistance to your pet’s caregiver
  • Any requirements for your pet’s caregiver

The trust would cease to exist when your pet dies. If there were multiple pets in your trust, the trust would no longer be enforceable after the death of your last pet.

Benefits of a pet trust

As a legally binding document, you can be comforted to know that your animal will be treated in the way you describe in your pet trust. You may choose to list your pet’s favorite foods and treats. If you have a dog, you could include a note about their favorite park or if there’s a local dog they like to play with.

In the trust, you can designate regular payments to the caregiver of your pet. You can help contribute to a healthy future for your pet by setting aside money in your pet’s trust.

Your pet has been there for you through the good and the bad times. By making a pet trust, you can ensure that your pet will continue living their best life.