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The best way to avoid inheritance disputes in Ohio is to plan for them and try to prevent their occurrence. Clear and comprehensive estate planning makes the grieving process and disposition of your assets easier for your loved ones. Plus, a will that is well drafted greatly reduces the likelihood of it being challenged in court. 

Inheritance disputes take place all the time, and especially when there are significant assets at stake. Forbes reported that the late great singer Aretha Franklin’s estate is currently being contested by multiple family members. While Franklin’s attorneys and family had for some time been under the assumption that she had died intestate, three handwritten wills were later discovered and are now the subject of a court dispute. 

An estate plan that is well written and drawn up while the writer is of sound mind is less likely to be challenged later on, especially when it specifically addresses the disposition of personal effects. It is also best to update the will every few years, or when there are significant relationship changes. These could include the birth of children or grandchildren, or the dissolution of a marriage of one of the heirs. 

According to The New York Times, there has been a recent upsurge in inheritance disputes which can be attributed to greater wealth in general and also to an increase in blended families. The likelihood of a dispute can be reduced by being as detailed and transparent as possible. This might involve explaining your decisions to heirs ahead of time and writing side letters about your specific bequeathed items, or even why you might have divided assets unequally among siblings.