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To say that a company’s human resources department plays a key and varied role in daily administrative and operational functions is sheer understatement. Even a quick look at what HR specialists routinely focus upon reveals the all-encompassing oversight that this management group commands in the work realm.

Following are just a few of the focal areas that garner acute attention from HR specialists in Ohio companies and other commercial enterprises nationally:

  • Employee hiring, interviewing, promotion and retention
  • Workplace disputes, including grievance processes, documentation and next-step approaches
  • Company training and ongoing skills development
  • Matters relevant to compensation, leave and general benefits
  • Company handbooks, written policies and contracts

That list is only partial and easily extends to many additional bullet points.

Here is an important point related to the above, which we underscore on our website at the long-established Dayton business law firm of Gottschlich & Portune: A human resource department’s centrality over so many key business functions absolutely mandates its across-the-board acumen and performance.

That can be a tough slog. We note on our site that many HR units are far from uniformly effective, owing to their sheer amount of work relevant to many legal fields. Too many of them, we stress, “are not fully compliant with regulations and have inadequate policies on a host of issues.”

Proven commercial and employment law attorneys welcome the opportunity to provide protective, on-point and proactive counsel to HR principals that can fundamentally help them with their vital work responsibilities.

We note at Gottschlich & Portune that a forward-thinking and robust HR department “has lasting benefits, both for employers and employees.”

A seasoned team of legal professionals can assist with that empowerment.