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Running a business is a stressful and rewarding job. You may have worked hard to achieve your dreams of running a company and only thought of the benefits you and your family would reap after your business took off. Of course, you likely now know that not everyone will be pleased with the work your construction company completes.

Any business owner runs the risk of having negative claims brought against a company. It is an unfortunate reality that every project will not go to plan and that every customer will not feel satisfied with your work. In some cases, you may have the chance to easily work through the issues, but in others, disgruntled parties may take legal action against you.

Lawsuit for construction defects

It is not uncommon for clients or customers to file legal claims if they believe a construction defect has negatively affected a building or other structure. If someone makes such a claim against your company, the accusations could revolve around any of the following issues:

  • Breach of contract: The owner of the property could potentially file a lawsuit if he or she believes that you and your company breached a buy-sell agreement by not adhering to the terms or obligations that the contract dictated.
  • Negligence: Claims of negligence could also arise if individuals believe that you and your company did not work with the proper reasonable degree of care. If you are a developer or contractor and subcontract any of the work, you could hold responsibility for negligence on the part of any subcontractors.
  • Strict liability: If someone files a strict liability claim against your company, the claimant does not have to prove negligence. However, the person does have to prove that your company caused or created the defect.

Other claims regarding construction defects could also come against your company. Someone could claim that your workers performed their jobs poorly or that you used poor-quality materials when completing the project.

Defending against claims

If someone does file a lawsuit against you and your company, you do not have to panic. You can defend against any allegations you face. Understanding the claims against you and what legal options you may have could help you effectively handle your case. Additionally, enlisting the help of a knowledgeable Ohio attorney may be wise in order to gain reliable information and assistance.