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The national organization Society for Human Resource Management frequently weighs in with data and news that is relevant to the American labor landscape. In doing so, it often focuses on hot-button topics of special importance to employers of all stripes across the country.

Here’s an example of a recent finding that many company owners and business principals in Oho and nationally will likely rivet on: Many comparatively seasoned workers unquestionably feel that age discrimination is alive and well (festering might be a better employed term here) at their workplace.

An impressive amount of empirical evidence exists to support their view. It posits that that well over half of all workers 40 years of age or older eventually get laid off once or multiple times or exit from their employment “under financially damaging circumstances.”

That is of course deeply concerning to affected individuals and their families, but also impactful for employers. Many companies become targeted as bad-faith actors in lawsuits alleging age bias and the circumvention of state and federal laws. The outcome for a company – even one seeking to always operate with best intentions – can be deeply damaging, both from a financial and reputational standpoint.

A recent SHRM-authored article underscores the need for many business managers concerned with mitigating employment-linked risks and damages to closely consult with proven labor law attorneys.

A legal team with a wealth of experience representing employers in matters involving workers’ complaints can help a commercial client take proactive steps to guard against downsides and defend against discrimination claims and other allegations.