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“[W]ell before it is necessary.”

A wealth planning expert writing for Forbes strongly endorses the above-cited timeframe for an individual or family in Ohio or elsewhere to duly consider estate planning essentials and craft well-tailored and legally tight documents.

We support his rationale for doing so and the timing of his delivery at Gottschlich & Portune. The active estate administration practice at our well-established Dayton law firm represents diverse and valued clients seeking help across a wide universe of estate matters, and we know that there is no better time to turn to sound planning than the present.

Jankowski recommends doing so for myriad and solid reasons including, centrally, this one: because it’s seldom focused narrowly upon passing along significant assets to future generations.

In fact, estate planning in a given case can embrace a sea of concerns. It can be relevant to children’s care and/or appointments of parties who can step in to make key decisions regarding finances, health care and more in the event of a planner’s incapacity. It can establish a sound plan to oversee and manage a loved one’s special needs. It can address important family legacy matters and provide for charitable giving. It can establish one or more tailored trusts that flexibly promote key goals while avoiding probate, remaining private and lawfully skirting otherwise pricey tax exactions.

Jankowski duly stresses that the onset of a new year is an optimal time to create a sensible and carefully drafted plan that can fully promote a family’s interests both now and well into the future.

We help clients do just that at Gottschlich & Portune. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to help Ohio residents fully promote their estate planning goals.