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How did Ohio fare in the business realm during 2018?

Just fine, thank you.

In fact, enviably from the perspective of just about every statistic and measuring yardstick used to gauge commercial health and business viability/traction.

Here’s one clearly relevant indicator, for example: Ohio has seen an uninterrupted increase in new business filings for nine straight years.

And then there’s this: Last year’s reported 125,204 new commercial filings in towns and cities across the state spell an appreciable uptick of nearly 8,000 companies from 2017, which was itself a notably impressive year for Ohio’s business growth.

Even business sceptics – and, concededly, there are no dearth of those, given current commercial challenges and uncertainties concerning inflation, wages, trade and so forth – cannot reasonably downplay the impressive nature of Ohio’s steady business development. State commercial regulators have taken great pains over nearly a decade to implement new pro-business tools and features that support company growth and opportunities, and the results are showing.

Business formation and renewal activities (permits, applications and so forth) have been rendered progressively easier via user-friendly online platforms. An estimated 75% of all new Ohio businesses are now commenced online. A regulatory eye has closely focused upon driving down business costs, which one news article stresses has made Ohio “the least costly state in the region for starting and maintaining a business.” And strong efforts have been made to improve business/consumer interaction (e.g., successful efforts to reduce call waiting times).

Cumulatively, those initiatives and related improvements are reaping desired results. A continuously informed pro-business government strategy will hopefully mark Ohio’s commercial sphere going forward and cement the state’s reputation as a preferred business venue.