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Things seem just a bit stressful these days on the economic front, don’t they? The global trade war is certainly disconcerting, with last week’s plummeting stock market values underscoring the concern. Price dislocation surrounding oil is factoring into year-end angst. Capitol Hill intrigue is, as always, on firm display in Washington, D.C. Many people wonder what impact the new post-election Congress will have on the nation’s commercial sphere come next year.

In short, things are just about par for the course, with there always being a few unsettled and worrisome factors to dwell upon.

Most Ohio business principals clearly aren’t letting a few uncertainties unreasonably mar their outlook concerning America’s economy, though. In fact, an overwhelming majority of them flatly dismiss a doom-and-gloom perspective regarding commercial opportunities and profit.

Relevant numbers clearly tell the story. A recent business article citing research culled by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Business Foundation stresses that a most impressive “91% of business leaders say they’re optimistic about the future economic health of their business.”

That is an unquestionably positive assessment of business power and traction in Ohio. What is especially notable about entrepreneurs’ and established company owners’ perceptions is that their strong belief in ongoing commercial prosperity is not short-lived. The foundation reports that economic optimism has now been on display for several consecutive quarters.

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