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Running a restaurant may have always been a dream of yours. From a young age, you have loved cooking, and over the years, you have honed your business skills. Now, your business is up and running, and you have numerous employees to help you conduct operations.

Of course, as an employer, you have various duties to your employees, including keeping them as safe as possible on the job. This responsibility means taking certain actions to improve workplace safety. In particular, your workers could face slip-and-fall risks on the job, and if they suffer injuries in such an incident, they may file a workers’ compensation claim.

Reducing hazards

Fortunately, you and your employees can take a number of steps to reduce slip-and-fall hazards in the workplace. Additionally, taking these precautions may also prevent patrons from suffering injuries on the premises. Some safety actions to take include the following:

  • Require that your workers wear slip-resistant shoes with low heels.
  • Replace or repair carpet or other flooring that has wrinkled, buckled or otherwise caused an uneven surface.
  • Prevent workers from overfilling busing containers. Objects could fall from an overfilled container that a person may trip over.
  • Put mats down on dry floors. If floors are wet when mats are put down, the mat could slide and cause someone to fall.
  • Ensure that mats lay evenly on the floor and do not have wrinkles or upturned edges.
  • Provide a stepladder for employees to use in areas with hard-to-reach shelves or other storage.
  • Designate cleaning tools for specific purposes and areas to avoid spreading residue that could cause slippage.
  • Clean spills as soon as someone notices them.
  • Place warning signs near spills or other hazards while they are being addressed.
  • Train your staff to recognize fall hazards and how to properly address them.

Unfortunately, even if you do everything you can to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, a worker could still end up involved in such an incident and suffer injuries.

Defending against claims

If the injury-causing accident took place due to the worker not following instruction, horse playing or carrying out other actions that put him or her unnecessarily at risk, you may have reason to defend against a workers’ compensation claim. An Ohio attorney could help you assess your situation and determine whether any factors may give reason to fight the claim. A fraudulent claim could negatively impact your insurance coverage and your business, and obtaining an evaluation of your case may prove wise.