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Most start-up creators and entrepreneurial business visionaries don’t have the luxury of slowly nurturing a fledgling entity over time toward ever-greater traction and profitability. That is, they don’t often enter the business world with pockets so deep that they can afford to let an enterprise simmer for an extended period before it starts to truly heat up.

In other words, they need an influx of money – steady and sustainable – from virtually the moment they first interact with the public. The key and obvious focus for most startups is making money NOW.

A recent online overview of sound ideas for new business owners to consider notes that challenge, citing the flat importance of commercial principals “focusing on the things that drive revenue.” A panel of business pundits from the group Forbes Financial Council concedes the need for every new company to gain its footing and endure for the long run. It notes that doing so is a secondary goal at business inception, though, necessarily giving way to a narrow focus on generating quick income to survive.

That is just one of several bullet-point considerations that the council underscores for would-be small business owners. Its members stress that entrepreneurs must pay close attention to a handful of paramount concerns. Those range from crafting a thorough and well-considered business plan to expecting some early business failures and appreciating the opportunity to learn from them. They encompass careful consideration paid to assembling “the right people on your team to help build the business” and making periodic adjustments to respond to shifting realities.

And they prominently include the panel’s tip to bring on board outside professionals who can add measurable value in spurring business success. Those contributors might reasonably include seasoned commercial attorneys from an established business law firm who routinely provide guidance to clients across a wide universe of business matters.