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The established Dayton law firm of Gottschlich & Portune understands business challenges and opportunities from an employer’s perspective. Our legal team commands decades of experience representing diverse clientele across a wide universe of matters relevant to their operations and bottom line.

We note on our website that our advocacy spans both litigation and more proactive company involvement that can help avoid later problems. Timely legal consultation and the application of sound policies and strategies can alleviate risks concerning wide-ranging employee claims. Those include allegations of discrimination, retaliation, wage/hour violations, wrongful termination and various types of harassment.

A recent national spotlighting of the high-profile #MeToo movement that underscores the problem of workplace sexual harassment (especially for women) makes a notable point.

It is this: Many small businesses across America lack any type of formal work policy that addresses on-the-job harassment. Very small companies are in fact exempt from the requirement.

The author of the above-cited USA Today piece suggests that small-business owners work with knowledgeable employment law attorneys to craft an anti-harassment plan. The upsides of a company blueprint are clear, and include these benefits:

  • Creation of a more welcoming and secure environment for workers
  • Formal notice that misbehavior will not be tolerated
  • Attractive calling card for prospective employees and business customers
  • Complaint procedure that minimizes lawsuits, money judgments and other legal downsides

It hardly seems arguable – especially in today’s litigious business environment – that such advice is sound and that following through on it can greatly benefit an employee of virtually every type and size.

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality in the American workplace. Employers can guard against the risk by working with seasoned labor law lawyers on formal policies that make optimal sense for their businesses.