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We note a simple and oft-demonstrated truism on our business law website at Gottschlich & Portune in Dayton when we state that, “The commercial marketplace is continually changing.”

Truly, it is, with starkly bracing challenges and opportunities facing American business principals  who compete in a most competitive environment. We stress on our site the imperative for entrepreneurs and established managers to stay abreast of “commercial and legal trends and their interplay.”

One such trend – underscored in a big way in the traditional retail industry – is the constantly growing and evolving role played by technology in the process of goods being sold to the general public.

Clearly, the norm well into recent years has now decidedly changed; for legions of consumers, purchase decisions are now increasingly being made from home, via smartphone or laptop computer, rather than at a shopping mall retail store. And the merchandize doesn’t have to be carried home. Instead, it is delivered to the front door.

Such convenience stands as a clear threat to the mainstream retail industry, with recent earnings reports from that realm clearly spotlighting a downside.

The pronounced negativity overall is what renders one company’s latest sales figures highly notable, as well as encouraging from the perspective of traditional retailers in Ohio and nationally.

Here is what has excited executives in the brick-and-mortar retail realm: Macy’s 1st-quarter sales for 2018 have reversed a years’-long trend by surging more than 4%. The company’s resurgence – at least temporarily – reportedly owes in large part to its implementation of more tech-friendly in-store assists, like smartphone-aided buying, virtual-reality shopping and revolving department displays.

Proactive 21st-century strategies will obviously have to be rolled out in a smart and ongoing manner for any retailer seeking to remain viable and competitive against online shopping competition.

Top-tier business principals flatly acknowledge that. Macy’s CEO stated last week that “this is the most competitive retail environment that I’ve ever seen.”

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