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Nearly 380 a day on average, every single day of the month.

Extrapolated, that is what the data reveal regarding new business filings in Ohio last month. As noted in one state publication reporting on Ohio’s business landscape, that lofty number makes March of this year “the second-best month for new business filings in state history.”

Clearly, Ohio is on the move from a business perspective.

What makes the state’s relevant business statistics especially hopeful and even compelling is that they reflect an ongoing trend of consistent commercial vitality. The only month to outpace March 2018 for new business filings was March of last year. The 12 months in between have been solidly marked by sustained commercial growth across the state.

And the good news goes beyond that. Reportedly, new business registrations in Ohio have jumped by nearly 50% from 2010 through last year, with strong upside momentum clearly continuing.

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