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Estate planning is a unique endeavor when undertaken by an individual or family in Ohio or elsewhere. No two estates are the same and, consequently the particular focus of a tailored and effective plan will be different in every case.

More specifically, one planner might be especially focused on clarity regarding inheritances to loved ones in a large blended family. Another might be chiefly concerned with the disposition of a family business. Other plans focus prominently on charitable giving, lawful tax avoidance or retaining privacy through trust execution. Some focus simultaneously on many related factors.

At its core, and despite differences in specific cases, estate administration is about purposeful response to change. As we note on our website at the proven estate planning law firm of Gottschlich & Portune in Dayton, probate and estate law is centrally marked by “families dealing with the challenges of transition.”

One key element in that cited transition for some families is due attention paid by parents and other family members to the long-term welfare of loved ones with special needs. Disabled individuals — both children and adults — sometimes require lifelong care that can be compromised if not timely planned for.

Notwithstanding the impressive utility of legal instruments such as special-needs trusts in ensuring quality care that is both comprehensive and permanent, many parents fail to take advantage of them. A recent national survey reveals that many loving caregivers simply feel overwhelmed about how and where to begin to glean relevant knowledge and act accordingly.

Experienced planning attorneys can help with the fear and inertia that often attend estate planning attempts. And, candidly, they are eager to do so, given the pleasant surprise of many clients following their enhanced understanding of just how useful and cost effective a special needs trust can be when timely and appropriately established.

Our law firm welcomes contacts from individuals and families having questions concerning any aspect of estate planning. Helping clients in this important subject area always spells a welcome opportunity for any seasoned legal professional.