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Yes, it’s a sensitive subject, but domestic violence linked to the workplace is something that cannot be ignored by an employer duly concerned with both its workforce and company operations.

As a recent overview of work-related domestic violence stresses, “HR needs to be ready to investigate if it suspects an employee is the perpetrator of domestic violence.”

That reasons for that nod to employer proactivity are several and obvious, including these:

  • Domestic abuse is a crime, and there might be a legal duty imposed on an employer to report it
  • A violent employee could endanger workplace safety

Is there a likelihood that domestic violence extends to most workplaces in Ohio and elsewhere as a problem of some magnitude?

Almost certainly it does. Myriad studies and reams of empirical evidence point to a widespread abuse problem across the country, which understandably does not disappear at a company’s front door. Abusers and victims still come to work. Research findings from one study posit that more than 20% of employees in American workplaces have been violence victims.

The above in-depth article on worker violence and victimization strongly makes the point that company managers reasonably on notice of a problem need to move forward purposefully to address it. Any potential threats to violence at work should be noted and responded to with dispatch, with measures taken well documented.

And victims need to be closely conferred with. The aforementioned overviews notes that they “are protected by many state and local workplace statutes,” which an employer needs to know and sufficiently respond to.

Questions or concerns regarding this singular and sensitive workplace issue can be directed to a proven Ohio commercial law firm that routinely works with employers on workplace matters.