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Just how busy are federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission employees responding to phone, online and in-office complaints made by individuals across the country alleging workplace discrimination?

Very busy. “Overwhelmed” might be an opt descriptor for the sheer volume of discrimination charges filed with the EEOC during its most recent fiscal year.

That measuring period ended on September 30 last year, and statistics relevant to it most centrally spotlighted this number: more than 84,000 formal filings citing discrimination.

Some of our readers across Ohio might want to see that meaningfully extrapolated. Put another way, the EEOC took in on average more than 230 discrimination claims every single day during fiscal year 2017.

Obviously, some of those filings detailed legitimate complaints. It also turns out to the case quite often, though, that employers confront material challenge from unmeritorious allegations of wrongdoing.

We acknowledge that stark reality for good-faith businesses in Ohio and nationally at the business law firm Gottschlich & Portune in Dayton. We routinely provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation for employers across a wide universe of concerns, and know that they must sometimes defend against bogus charges concerning employment-linked matters.

We note on our website that some worker complaints “may be trivial in nature, not based on fact, or they may be malicious actions by people who are angry or just seeking to cash in.”

We help business principals protect against that, through both timely and proactive legal help that anticipates and wards off problems and pursuant to strong advocacy before administrative bodies and, when necessary, judges overseeing formal litigation.

We welcome contacts from Ohio business owners and principals concerning employment-related issues and concerns.