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Business principals from legions of enterprises across Ohio and the country routinely expend huge amounts of time and effort striving to ensure full compliance with employments laws in their workplaces.

Candidly, that is not easy to do. Their focus is necessarily broad and in-depth, centering on matters that are at once complex and never static from a legal perspective.

We note on our website at the established Dayton business law firm of Gottschlich & Portune some of the subject matter that closely commands their attention. It includes worker allegations of “discrimination, mistreatment, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, wage and hour violation, and breaches of fiduciary duty under ERISA.”

Collectively, that is a veritable ocean of concerns, which never go away for business managers trying to do right by their employees while scrupulously following relevant labor law dictates.

A recent business article prominently cites the many employment law challenges that company owners and managers face, and additionally notes that 2018 might be an especially trying year for them.

The reason: a likelihood for greater scrutiny by state-level actors and attendant promulgation of new rules and policies spanning many matters.

Retaliation complaints are one stated — and uppercase — concern. The above article notes a reported tripling of such claims in American workplaces since 1997.

And then there is sexual harassment, which was obviously a matter starkly spotlighted in high-profile media accounts last year. Some commentators say it is likely that many companies across the country will confront new state and local laws this year that mandate stepped-up training programs.

There are multiple other concerns as well, of course, which can reasonably spur company managers to conduct a thorough review of their handbooks and training programs relevant to labor matters.

The employment realm is progressively marked by input and detailed requirements from both federal and state agencies. Business principals seeking guidance regarding how to deal with the challenges can turn to a seasoned employment law attorney for answers and diligent legal representation.