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As an employer, your staff depends on you to keep the workplace safe and professional. To do so, you’ve likely set up multiple anti-harassment training sessions to educate your employees on proper work etiquette. Still, discrimination and harassment might be an ongoing issue that leaves your company at risk for a lawsuit. Does it seem like training just isn’t affecting positive change?

Ineffective training is a common problem, notes the Society for Human Resource Management. If most of your anti-harassment sessions aren’t mandatory, it’s likely that many employees won’t attend at all. Luckily, there are ways to improve these discussions and protect your business from a lawsuit in the process.

One way is to ask speakers at these sessions to find creative ways to present the information. Monotony from having the same slideshow year after year can dull the message, which probably doesn’t spark enthusiasm. By providing new context, you can draw attention to how discrimination surfaces in the workplace and why employees need to take action to prevent it.

Instead of merely requiring employees to attend, add an incentive. Ideally, your staff would take a personal interest in stopping harassment. So often, however, the demands of daily tasks take focus away from this important subject. Offering rewards like gift cards to a Dayton restaurant or free cake and coffee may improve turnout as well as general morale toward cultural training.

Ultimately, your goal is surely to eliminate harassment in the workplace. Comprehensive training can not only help stop problems before they arise, but it can also reduce the company’s liability if abuse does happen. Consult with an experienced employment attorney about how taking preventative action can protect you in a harassment lawsuit. In this situation, you would want to be able to show that you did everything in your power to uphold respect in the workplace.