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We believe at Gottschlich & Portune in Dayton that effective contracts — that is, covenants that are smartly negotiated, well drafted and enforced with conviction when necessary — go to the heart of what breeds success for a commercial enterprise.

In fact, we note on a page of our website addressing contractual matters, good contracts “are the rails that businesses ride on.”

Our firm works closely with diverse clients across industries of all types in Ohio, protecting their interests in contract-related matters focused upon leases, franchising, security and indemnity matters, partnership and shareholder arrangements, buy-sell agreements and myriad other business endeavors.

One discrete and singular business focus that was addressed in a recent business article and that sometimes demands our professional energies and attention is the careful legal work that can optimally promote a client’s interests in safeguarding confidential company information that must sometimes be divulged.

A commercial entity might want to attract investment, for example, which can necessitate the sharing of certain proprietary data and processes with potential investors. Sometimes two companies are contemplating a joint venture, merger or other activity that requires the divulging of certain generally protected information. That might relate to intellectual property, know-how or trade secrets.

In such instances, the importance of a well-considered and tightly drafted non-disclosure agreement cannot be overstated. The above-cited article duly notes that the applicability of a well-executed NDA extends from relatively simple situations to contemplated information sharing germane to hyper-complex and detailed transactions, such as a potential sale of assets or a business unit.

Where key internal company data, processes and know-how are concerned, their protection when they are divulged to third parties for a limited purpose is critically important. A proven business law firm with ample experience in contract matters can provide further information.