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The desire to start a business is a very common one here in the United States. This can be seen in a national survey.

The survey was of respondents in the millennial, generation X and baby boomer generations. Among the things these individuals were asked was whether they would leave their job to start a new company if they had access to the right resources and tools.

Around two-fifths of the respondents (41 percent) said they would within six months under these circumstances. This response was particularly common among millennials, the youngest of the generations surveyed. Over half of millennial respondents indicated they would start a new business within six months under the above-mentioned circumstances.

So, the entrepreneurial desire appears to be continuing to run strongly in American adults. Now, while many may find the prospect of starting a business appealing, there are many things about switching from just thinking about starting a business to actually starting one that people may see as quite daunting.

One is getting the funds needed to get their business off the ground. In the above-mentioned survey, problems with access to capital were a very commonly cited barrier to starting a business among the surveyed individuals. When it comes to any challenging aspect of starting a business, including funding challenges, it can be important for a person to research what options they have for addressing the challenge.

Another thing a prospective entrepreneur may find intimidating about the startup process are the legal matters connected to it. It is true that there can be many important legal issues related to starting a business. It is also true that a new business’ future can be heavily impacted by how these issues are addressed. However, an important thing for those looking to start a business to know is that they can seek out help with dealing with such issues. Skilled business law attorneys can help individuals who have decided to make the jump from dreaming about starting a business to actually starting one navigate the legal aspects of starting a new company.

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