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We spotlight relevant subject-matter points in some detail on a page of our website devoted to real estate law and transactions at the Dayton business law firm of Gottschlich & Portune, LLP.

That focus on complexity is warranted, we submit, for one central and immediate reason, namely this: the real estate realm — that is, the universe of commercial and residential real estate considerations — is flatly broad and, yes, complex.

Which means this: Being casual concerning its parameters or requirements, and being anything less than completely prepared to deal with every relevant aspect of it in a timely, accurate and fully responsive manner, is a recipe for disaster.

There is another way of stressing that point and hard reality, which we do on our site, noting that, “Sloppy transactions lead to costly delays and busted deals.”

And there is an even more immediate and stark way to convey that, to wit; “Mistakes cost money.”

A point that we routinely stress to real estate participants — whether buyers, sellers, developers, lenders or other parties — is that legal error can eat up money at every stage of the real estate process, both as parties are working their way through it en route to completion and years later, long after relevant contracts have been executed.

We note on our site that a critical task of our proven real estate attorneys in every client representation is to identify and fix “errors, omissions and ambiguities early on, so they do not cause expensive surprises later.”

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss our strategies aimed at doing that and fully promoting clients’ interests in a real estate matter, whatever they might be.