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As an Ohio employer, your official company policies and enumerated guideposts governing employer/worker relations might include drug testing protocols and related expectations regarding employees.

After all, on-the-job drug use — and, of course, drug use outside the workplace that might reasonably be expected to adversely affect work performance and/or safety — is a legitimate focus for business managers tasked with keeping an operation running smoothly and problem-free.

What is your policy? Without recourse to company handbooks and input from your HR department, can you readily note the rules and regulations regarding drug testing in your enterprise?

It is likely the case that most employers cannot do so with material specificity, knowing only that they do indeed have a policy on the books.

As noted by a legal commentator in a recent article published by the Society for Human Resource Management, it might be a good idea for many company leaders in businesses across the country to take a bit of time to delve into the details of their official drug policies.

And that means scrutinizing the fine print with an exacting eye on adherence to applicable laws and full regulatory compliance in a manner that best avoids legal liability.

For obvious reasons, proven legal counsel with a demonstrated track record of advocating diligently on behalf of employers in work-related matters can provide solid input for any business manager going about that task.

As the above-noted SHRM article notes, a one-size-fits-all policy on drug testing might be legally problematic for some companies, especially entities that engage in multistate business operations (there are legions of such enterprises operating across Ohio).

The reason: What is lawful in one state might be flatly impermissible under the statutory laws of another jurisdiction.

And things might be reasonably expected to grow increasingly complex in the drug-testing realm in the future, with adjustments being made in many states concerning the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Company principals having questions or concerns regarding their official drug-testing protocols can obtain guidance and sound legal input from seasoned attorneys who routinely work with employers to fully promote their broad-based business interests.