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Commercial construction is always ongoing across Dayton and every other municipality in Ohio. Whether it is a new downtown office building, a school, a large-scale residential complex, library, sports stadium, municipal entertainment center or other project, something is being built.

There are many firm realities that attach to virtually every construction scenario.

Take scheduling, for instance. Every central participant involved in a construction project has a relevant timetable to contend with. Financing must be timely obtained. Design plans need to be finished within a certain time. Certain project segments must be completed before others can be commenced. The clock is always ticking.

And then there is adequacy of performance. Deficiency in work materials and/or the compromised quality of work carried out by a contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer or any other key actor can stop a project in its tracks and further complicate an already complex development.

The bottom line: The commercial construction realm is a pressured universe where a great deal of interdependence exists. When one party is failing in job performance (or there is an allegation that such is the case), a project can figuratively — and sometimes literally — come crashing down.

The lawyers at Gottschlich & Portune in Dayton know that intimately, because we represent diverse entities in the construction industry in disputes that lead to mediation, arbitration or full-blown litigation in court.

And, as we duly note on a website page of the firm devoted to Ohio commercial construction disputes and litigation, we apply proven experience and acumen on behalf of our clients across “every facet of construction law,”

We welcome contacts to the firm and questions regarding the type of work we do to protect our business clients and enhance the bottom line for them in construction disputes.

And we of course appreciate our regular blog readers, hoping that you find our entries to be engaging and relevant.