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“The commercial marketplace is continually changing,” we note on a page of our Dayton legal website at Gottschlich & Portune that discusses business law opportunities and challenges. We further stress our good-faith view in that narrative that, “Businesses in the 21st century need an experienced commercial law firm that keeps up with commercial and legal trends and their interplay.”

What is perhaps the most central and fundamental element concerning commercial realities for Ohio businesses and their counterparts nationally these days is the degree to which they routinely confront and necessarily interact with layers of regulatory exactions.

It is a rare business principal who will argue that his or her commercial enterprise is operating amidst a dearth of local, state and national edicts that address core business functions and energies.

Indeed, whether it is taxation, environmental compliance, employer interactions with workers, immigration matters, health care-related issues or myriad other concerns, business leaders across the country openly rue these days what they view as proliferating and onerous regulatory restrictions that make profitability and continued business viability increasingly difficult.

That has long been an industry complaint, of course, but the topic was unquestionably elevated to a high level of discussion and debate in the recent presidential election. As noted in a recent national media account, for example, President Trump “bashed a wide range of federal regulations” in his march toward the presidency.

And now, say many commentators, his administrative team is intent on delivering material changes. The Los Angeles Times notes that two key Trump advisers have written that the president “will seek to reduce the regulatory cost to businesses by at least 10%, or about $200 billion annually.”

That is a breathtaking figure, to be sure, and it will of course take some time before any accurate appraisal can be made regarding whether that goal was approximately realized.

Discourse centered around rules and regulations is a constant in the American business world, regardless of what group commands political power. New challenges are always arising, coupled with — for many businesses — new opportunities.

The deep legal team at Gottschlich & Portune always stands ready to help diverse businesses in Dayton and across Ohio deal purposefully with risk and exploit new opportunities for growth. We welcome inquiries to the firm and the chance to work with entrepreneurs and established companies as they seek to grow and prosper.