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Every individual and family in Ohio and elsewhere that meets with an estate planning attorney has some material concerns in mind, of course. Matters surrounding estate administration are far from casual for most people, and the subject matter entailed in planning strategies and outcomes can seem more than a bit esoteric and complex to many clients.

And that is understandable, given that a proven planning attorney will ensure close consideration of all the things that are relevant and important in a given case. Those can range widely, from will/trust execution, inheritance decisions and gifting/charitable contributions to asset preservation, lawful tax avoidance, probate and more.

The experienced attorneys at the Dayton law firm of Gottschlich & Portune help clients with all these matters, and focus additionally on one area that we think is of utmost importance to a select group of individuals and families we closely interact with.

Namely, that is elder law, with our specific focus being on providing this client demographic maximum legal protection in financial matters across a wide dimension.

It’s just a fact of life that we all age. Although legions of seniors remain strong and resourceful their entire lives, many persons of advanced years are understandably concerned about financial matters relevant to the future. They worry about preserving wealth, safeguarding it from predators and ensuring qualification for government programs.

We are duly sensitive to that at Gottschlich & Portune, pointing out on our website that we take great pride in the work we do on behalf of our elder clients to implement planning strategies that optimally promote their best interests.

As we note therein, “we are always happy to meet with seniors or adult children of seniors to discuss protecting your assets and your peace of mind.”

In fact, there is nothing in the practice of law that is more professionally satisfying than that.