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Your injury likely happened when you least expected it to. In your busy life, you didn’t expect to have to find the time to recover from your injuries, lose time from work, figure out what you will do with the unforeseen medical expenses and get your life back on track. An injury can halt your life and add an overwhelming feeling of stress and coping with many unknowns.

If you were injured in a car accident, from a doctor’s mistakes or medical malpractice, from using unsafe products, from slipping and falling on someone else’s property or from working in unsafe conditions, the bottom line is your injuries could be severe. You may be wondering whether you need an attorney, or if you can settle with an insurance company on your own. But the burden of paperwork and phone calls keeps growing, and you may be reconsidering trying to do it all on your own. You also wonder if fighting the case on your own will get you the best results.

Here are three reasons you might need to have an attorney by your side to handle your personal injury claim:

1) Meeting Ohio’s deadlines for filing a claim

Ohio has strict statutory deadlines, which limits the amount of time you have from the time you were injured to file a personal injury claim. Letting an attorney handle the work will leave you with a peace of mind regarding deadlines and finishing things on time, and let you worry about your health and recovery.

2) Knowing the recovery options available to you

In Ohio, recovering compensation for your injuries can include both economic damages, like time lost from work and medical expenses, and noneconomic damages like pain and suffering. Because non-monetary losses can be difficult to prove, it’s helpful to have an attorney if you are thinking of pursuing these types of damages. Pain and suffering can include any physical pain or mental distress or anguish that was caused by your accident or injury.

3) Attorneys can negotiate the best possible settlement

Attorneys can consult with knowledgeable experts to help gather evidence in preparation to prove your case. Using facts from these experts, they can go to court and negotiate the best possible result for your specific situation. Experts that attorneys can use in a personal injury case include:

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Pharmacists
  • Forensics engineers
  • Mechanics analysts
  • Accident reconstruction analysts

Your injury was not your fault. Holding the person, people or company that was responsible for the negligence that caused your injury is important, and an attorney can hold them accountable. Seeking fair compensation for your injuries is the right thing to do for yourself, and for your family. Your life after your injury is already full with trying to recover and take care of yourself – let an attorney handle the rest.