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Hiring new workers is a big decision for a company. It is also a process that has a lot of impactful legal issues connected to it. For one, there are various rules businesses are supposed to comply with when it comes to their hiring practices. This includes anti-discrimination rules.

Failing to comply with the relevant rules in its hiring practices and the other aspects of bringing new employees on-board could expose an employer to major legal trouble. So, the specifics of its hiring processes are among the things it can be very important for a business to give appropriate attention to. Skilled business law attorneys can assist companies with compliance issues and other important legal issues related to hiring practices.

It appears that the importance of good hiring practices might be a particularly relevant topic these days for companies, as a recent report indicates that the U.S. is seeing a jump in hiring in the private sector.

The report, by ADP, includes an estimate on how many net new jobs the U.S. saw private employers add in November. The estimate puts this number at 216,000. This exceeds expectations and is nearly 100,000 more jobs than revised estimates indicate were added in October.

The report indicates that the increase in new jobs was driven by upped hiring among employers in services industries.

One wonders what the end of the year will hold for hiring among businesses here in America. Will it be at a higher level like it appears to have been in November, or will it be at a more modest level like October?

Source: MarketWatch, “ADP shows private employers added 216,000 jobs in November,” Andrea Riquier, Nov. 30, 2016