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Is your company's HR department up to date and viable?

To say that a company's human resources department plays a key and varied role in daily administrative and operational functions is sheer understatement. Even a quick look at what HR specialists routinely focus upon reveals the all-encompassing oversight that this management group commands in the work realm.

Entrepreneurial upside in changing mall landscape

Ohio business principals - from startups and established commercial entities to lenders, lessors, building contractors and more - are duly focused on what is prominently playing out before them in malls and shopping centers.

In a word, that is change.

Fashion icon’s passing spotlights estate planning and pet care

As cable outlets and online social media platforms ceaselessly reminded us last week, global fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld passed away at 85 after an adventurous and high-profile life.

Those info sources also conveyed that Choupette, Lagerfeld’s long-time love, will have no financial worries going forward in her partner’s absence. One media account on Lagerfeld’s passing notes that she “will continue to live the cushy lifestyle” she has been accustomed to for years.

21st-century estate planning often involves an online focus

Computers have flatly revolutionized much in our 21st-century world, including how billions of people structure and organize their personal lives.

Skyping proceeded from sheer novelty to normalcy years ago. Today’s learning curve surrounding the capabilities of smartphones is seemingly endless. Many individuals creatively use online platforms to command massive global followings. We bank online. We “friend” and “unfriend” online. Some of us transact with cryptocurrencies.

Do most older employees feel discriminated against at work?

The national organization Society for Human Resource Management frequently weighs in with data and news that is relevant to the American labor landscape. In doing so, it often focuses on hot-button topics of special importance to employers of all stripes across the country.

Here’s an example of a recent finding that many company owners and business principals in Oho and nationally will likely rivet on: Many comparatively seasoned workers unquestionably feel that age discrimination is alive and well (festering might be a better employed term here) at their workplace.

Avoid mistakes when selling your business

If you have made the difficult decision to sell your Ohio business, the last thing you want is to damage your chances of finding a buyer and getting a good price. Selling a business is not like selling a house or a car. There are many nuances, legal matters and delicate issues involved. You will also have people to consider, including your employees and customers.

You may be eager to move forward with a new venture or ready to retire and relax, but rushing the process of selling your business could lead to critical mistakes. On the other hand, knowing how to pace yourself and take matters in the proper order may allow you to make your business irresistible to potential buyers.

Ohio company dinged by DOL for wage/hour violations

We have duly noted in prior select blog posts at the established Dayton business law firm of Gottschlich & Portune that the employment law landscape in Ohio and nationally is notably broad.

One given case might involve a worker’s claim of harassment and company retaliation. Employment matters also frequently underscore issues linked with discrimination, injury claims, wrongful termination, employee evaluation/promotion and many other concerns.

You can defend against claims of construction defects

Running a business is a stressful and rewarding job. You may have worked hard to achieve your dreams of running a company and only thought of the benefits you and your family would reap after your business took off. Of course, you likely now know that not everyone will be pleased with the work your construction company completes.

Any business owner runs the risk of having negative claims brought against a company. It is an unfortunate reality that every project will not go to plan and that every customer will not feel satisfied with your work. In some cases, you may have the chance to easily work through the issues, but in others, disgruntled parties may take legal action against you.

SCOTUS weighs in unanimously in independent contractor case

No dissents. No concurrences. In fact, nothing but clear consensus among justices of the United States Supreme Court in an employment case termed by one national publication as “a remarkable win for labor rights.”

SCOTUS delivered that ruling earlier this month in a matter pitting a trucking company against one of its workers deemed an independent contractor.

Focus on the popular franchise business model

An in-depth and informative online overview of the franchise business model notes that it is a comparatively recent form of commercial enterprise in the United States. Reportedly, the American franchising form “dates from the early 1950s and is a relatively new method of doing business.”

Obviously, its success cannot be questioned. There are many hundreds of thousands of franchised businesses operating – and, importantly, prospering – across the country. Collectively, the cash they annually bring in via their offerings of services and goods is approximately $760 billion. Millions of people work at franchised companies.

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