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Was your parent of sound mind when making a will?

From the time you were quite young, you probably remember your parents doing things that you did not understand. In fact, some of the decisions your parents made, from their wardrobes to their job choices, may have seemed foolish and ridiculous to you.

Now that you are an adult, you may have a better idea about why your parents made their decisions and the train of thought behind some of their choices. Unfortunately, your parents' capacity for making reasonable decisions may come into play again if you have serious concerns about their estate planning choices.

Workers win in SCOTUS case focused on age discrimination

Words count in law, with case rulings on important matters in Ohio and elsewhere sometimes hinging on legal interpretations surrounding a single word.

Or sometimes two, as evidenced in a major employment law case decided just last week by the United States Supreme Court. In the court’s first issued ruling of its current term, the tribunal gave clear meaning in a unanimous 8-0 decision to the words “also means.”

Estate planning can entail myriad concerns, including this one

We note on our website at the proven Dayton estate planning law firm of Gottschlich & Portune that our experienced attorneys provide knowledgeable and impassioned advocacy to families “dealing with the challenges of transition.”

Indeed, transition is an integral and natural byproduct of life generally, and something that looms as a constant for something as fluid and organic as a family. Many couples in Ohio and elsewhere ultimately have children. Sometimes a loved one has distinct special needs that must be addressed through careful planning. Married partners age and naturally cultivate concerns regarding asset preservation and inheritances for future generations. These and other things often become focal points of concern in the estate administration realm.

Proven legal counsel’s input on municipal law matters

Noting that a law firm provides representation to a municipality on matters that affect its governance and administration leaves much unsaid about the varied scope of that advocacy.

What actually does legal assistance provided in the realm of municipal and public-sector law entail?

Examining near-term results of notable anti-harassment movement

If the #MeToo movement was a rock splashing into water, its spreading ripples would be notably pronounced. It is indeed impressive to see the material changes wrought by an initiative that is still arguably at an incipient stage.

MeToo launched with both fanfare and potency in tandem with the criminal investigation targeting entertainment titan Harvey Weinstein. The details surrounding that movie power broker's alleged sexual misconduct against scores of women are now widely known. Their aftermath has been marked by the downfalls of many other high-profile males accused of sexual harassment and related behaviors.

Business issues aplenty in Supreme Court’s current term

How key is it for an employer in Ohio or elsewhere to ensure that its contracts – every one of them, ranging across the universe of business matters – are drafted with precision and completely devoid of ambiguities?

The answer to that is obvious, of course. The fortunes of businesses often rise or fall dependent on the agreements they negotiate and execute with parties ranging from company shareholders, customers and suppliers to lenders, contractors, employees and more.

What promotes an entrepreneur’s business success from the outset?

“[Potholes to avoid and expressways to take.”

Recognizing those in a timely manner and steering accordingly is what is going to drive a creative and energy-laden individual to commercial success in Ohio or elsewhere, says a group of noted business experts.

Are you ready to sell your product?

Bringing your product to market is the moment of truth. All the years of effort and planning come into focus when you place your product in front of the public and witness the results. However, this is not something you can do overnight. As long as you took to develop, test and fund your idea, you must plan on additional time to market your hard work.

If your research and focus groups have shown that there is a market for your product, perhaps the only thing stopping you from success is helping your customer find you. Like any good business venture, marketing your product begins with a solid plan.

Opinion: current business climate strongly positive

The American small business advocacy group National Federation of Independent Business has polled its huge base of member firms on economic matters for nearly half a century.

NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg notes that small business principals across the country have consistently pointed over that lengthy span of time to government regulatory controls and taxes as chief concerns commanding their attention. A common complaint spotlights the close nexus between bureaucratic red tape and tax exactions and reduced business productivity.

Your business was a long-term success: How do you transfer interest?

We note an obvious, though important, point concerning enterprise viability on our commercial law website at the established Dayton law firm of Gottschlich & Portune, LLP.

And that is this: “Success in business begins at the beginning.”

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