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Here are just a few comments and endorsements from our clients describing the services they received at Gottschlich & Portune. We thank them for their willingness to share their experiences with others.

  • Estate matters: “My husband and I had sought and valued the services of Gottschlich & Portune for a number of years for our personal, business, and investment-related counsel. When my husband died, Gary Gottschlich and the staff were wonderful in doing all that was required to settle his estate in a timely and cost-effective manner.”
    — DA (Kettering, Ohio)
  • Financial matters: “When my bank of 20 years turned rogue and threatened my business and financial survival, I was referred to Gary Gottschlich. He, John Mohr and other members of his team negotiated a complicated work out with the bank and purchaser for the business that saved my home and my employment. I highly recommend Gottschlich & Portune.”
    — DK (Montgomery County)
  • Injury settlements: “When my wife and I were seriously injured in an out-of-state car crash … Gary Gottschlich, Mary Lentz and other members of the firm did extensive investigation and assembled voluminous documents and materials and successfully negotiated a very substantial settlement, one that achieved my goals of a quick resolution and confidentiality.”
    — JB (Southwestern Ohio)
  • Beneficiary rights: “When my former husband died, I learned that he failed to designate me a beneficiary of his public employee retirement annuity in violation of our divorce decree. After being turned down by several well-credentialed lawyers, I turned to Gottschlich & Portune. They took my case through trials and appeals, achieving a landmark appellate victory that will provide me income for life.”
    — LF (Dayton)
  • Estate matters: “We were lost and had no clue what we needed to do in order to settle [our mother’s] estate. You have always been very attentive to our needs and have represented your firm and the legal profession as a whole to the highest degree. Thank you for making [us] feel secure and trusting in our business of the estate and then carrying it through to the end.”
    — MB (Kathleen, Georgia)
  • Attorney support: “Thanks again for all of your help! I will honestly say that out of all of the other out-of-state offices that I have personally worked with on foreign judgments, you have been the fastest about responding and actually taking action and we greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!”
    — Law Office (Brentwood, TN)
  • Business law: “Marty Foos went the extra mile for me and my company which allowed me to continue my livelihood and gave me peace of mind without forcing the matter to court. I am extremely pleased with his professionalism and attention to my needs. Clearly an A+ law firm!”
    — John West (Dayton, OH)