Protection For Those Unable To Protect Themselves

A guardian is a person or corporation appointed by the court to be responsible for a person unable to make good decisions on his or her own. In Ohio, the ward may be mentally unwell, physically disabled or struggling with drug problems. Many wards are older people or very young people.

When individuals are judged to be incapable of making good decisions for themselves, their property, or the people in their care, the guardian steps in to make these key decisions.

Wards are people who need serious, continuing intervention. Guardianship is not for people who are simply disabled in some way.

There are different kinds of guardians. A general guardian looks after both the personal well-being and financial interests of the ward. A special guardian has more limited scope, perhaps responsible for health decisions but not financial ones. A guardian ad litem represents an incapacitated person in litigation, including probate matters.

Guardianship-Related Legal Services

Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, of Dayton, has extensive experience in the area establishing guardianships for both minors and adults. Our lawyers can also help:

  • Create and administering a special needs trust to ensure that your loved one is cared for
  • Qualify your ward for Medicaid funded care
  • Represent you in litigation relating to guardianship
  • Create a health care power of attorney
  • Provide representation in guardian ad litem cases

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