Municipal and Public Sector Law

Experienced Public Sector Attorneys

Our attorneys have over 32 years combined experience practicing as Village Solicitors, Law Directors and independent special legal counsel to County, Municipal and Township agencies throughout the Miami Valley and State of Ohio.

Advise and Assist Public Agencies

Our attorneys regularly:

  • Review and draft legislation for elected officials;
  • Advise on public finance, taxation, and the construction of public works;
  • Advise and assist on economic development opportunities;
  • Draft and review procurement contracts and documents used in competitive bidding;
  • Advise on issues involving law enforcement, fire/EMS and public safety;
  • Review and draft land use and zoning laws;
  • Advise and assist on issues relating to County agencies (Board of County Commissioners, County Engineer, Sheriff, Job and Family Services, Auditor, Recorder and Treasurer;
  • Advise and assist on issues relating to Charter and Statutory Villages, Cities and Townships (including Limited Home Rule Townships);
  • Advise on Federal and State constitutional issues;
  • Assist with issues involving financial disclosure and compliance with ethical requirements;
  • Analyze the impact of changes in state and federal laws on the activities of these local public entities; and
  • Effectively advise and represent public sector clients on the myriad of other issues that public entities encounter on a daily basis.

Public Sector Labor and Employment Issues

Our attorneys assist our public sector clients to:

  • Ensure compliance with Civil Service and SERB (State Employment Relations Board) labor statutes and regulations;
  • Provide labor representation for public entities in union negotiations;
  • Represent public entities in employee discipline, discharge and grievance matters; and
  • Provide Human Resource assistance for effective employee relations and help to formulate personnel policy manuals.

Election Issues

Our attorneys are experienced in:

  • Advising and assisting on election issues including responding to initiative, referendum and recall petitions

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