Protection In Shareholder And Partner Disputes

Organizations are held together by good intentions and contractual understandings. Smart businesses, shareholders and partners enter into agreements with one another, laying out policies on buy-ins, buy-outs, operations, financial responsibility, liability and other issues. Over time, however, cracks can form in these agreements. Parties who went into business seeking mutual benefit decide the relationship is not working for them, and they want to make things right.

Business disputes in closely held companies and partnerships can destroy an organization, and destroy the ability of all parties to make a living. It is not unusual for disputes to occur within family businesses, which is distressing to everyone. At Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, we represent all parties in seeking solutions to disputes that are acceptable and minimally destructive.

Is shareholder disputes, we represent majority owners, minority owners and equal percentage owners in companies in nearly every industry. We work to resolve differences between franchisors and franchisees. And we apply our knowledge and negotiating skills to resolving disputes in every kind of partnership: general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLPs). We also represent parties in joint ventures and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Talk to us about drafting sound shareholder and partnership agreements.

Disputes turn on a wide variety of conflicts, which can be resolved by negotiation, litigation, mediation or arbitration:

  • Charges of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Issues brought on by insolvency, commercial debt and bankruptcy
  • Employment issues, including compensation, severance, pension benefits, stock plans, wrongful termination, trade secret violations, unfair competition, confidentiality agreements, noncompete agreements and employment agreements
  • Problems brought on

Some problems can be solved with buy-outs, restructurings, asset sales and purchases, stock sales and purchases and other means. We work to be creative and fair-minded in our solutions. We faithfully represent your view in the process, but we are always mindful of the real and painful consequences for all parties.

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