Enabling Successful Real Estate Transactions

No industry tops real estate for the complexity of its transactions. Whether you are engaged in the sale of a home or a business space, or are negotiating the lease or development of commercial space, you know that sloppy transactions lead to costly delays and busted deals. The solution to these transactional issues is to work with a real estate law group committed to smooth, error-free transactions.

Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, of Dayton, has been serving Dayton businesses and individuals for years. We know that one thing matters in real estate law: results. We work hard to be the firm that makes things happen, the way buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and developers need them to happen.

We engage in every aspect of real estate transactions:

  • Negotiating the purchase contract
  • Alerting clients to important dates
  • Reviewing survey and title insurance commitment
  • Attending to restrictive covenants, fraudulent transfers, quiet titles, boundary issues, easements and encumbrances relating to the property
  • Documenting the deal
  • Monitoring closings and project completions

We also help with nuisance and trespass issues, and commercial landlord-tenant disputes and evictions.

Successful Real Estate Representation For The Greater Dayton, Ohio, Area

Our commitment is always to our clients. This means listening, responding promptly to their concerns, and above all, ensuring that deals go through under terms acceptable to you. Mistakes cost money. Our job is to identify and correct errors, omissions and ambiguities early on, so they do not cause expensive surprises later.

In addition to the transaction side, our lawyers are experienced in the kinds of complex litigation that often arise in real estate, including construction disputes.

To learn more about our real estate transactional services, meet with the business attorneys at Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, at 937-802-2397 — or describe your legal problem using this form.