Experienced Franchise Law Attorneys For The Dayton Market

New franchise owners are often surprised at the legal tasks that are part of running a business. As the paperwork mounts, it's a great relief to have a legal team to turn to that can handle these burdensome tasks.

At Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, of Dayton, we are regional leaders in serving franchisors and franchisees. Our doors are open to entrepreneurs in every kind of franchise: food and hospitality, health and fitness, cleaning and maintenance, beauty and grooming, business services, pet stores, sports, retail and financial services. We represent smaller, single-unit startups all the way to large multi-brand franchisors.

If you are new to the franchise model, we can explain the legal challenges you can expect, and chart a course around or through them. We review franchise agreements to ensure that your interests are protected. We work with franchise owners to negotiate with lenders and investors, real estate acquisition, and buying/selling an existing franchise outlet.

Franchise Know-How For Southwestern Ohio Entrepreneurs

If you have a business concept that has franchising potential, we can provide the right structure, prepare and register franchise disclosure documents and other agreements. Our attorneys build protections into your brand from the very beginning, and provide litigation power to enforce vital trade secrets as you grow and prosper.

All businesses face the same kinds of reporting and compliance issues, including franchise businesses. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to meet those needs.

To discuss your franchise law issues, talk to the business lawyers at Gottschlich & Portune, LLP, at 937-802-2397 — or describe your current situation using this form.