Business Litigation

The firm of Gottschlich & Portune assists clients at every stage, drafting effective contracts and pursuing litigation when contracts are in dispute.

These are some of the classes of litigation we handle on both the plaintiff and claimant sides:

Business Litigation, Keeping A Close Eye On Cost

We understand that no one wants to litigate. The potential for expense, distraction and uncertainty of outcome are serious negatives. This is where our experience and knowledge of the Dayton business community come into play. In many cases, we work to negotiate acceptable settlements before setting foot in court. We have resolved even serious disputes by using arbitration and mediation.

Our fees are at neither the high nor the low end. We strive in all matters, not just litigation, to be mindful of cost. We understand business, and we appreciate that a costly victory is no victory at all. We therefore represent you in all matters with an eye toward conserving your resources.

An affordable, effective approach to business and other civil litigation for Dayton, Ohio: Talk to the business attorneys at Gottschlich & Portune at 937-802-2397. Or briefly describe your problem for our lawyers using this online form.