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Pronounced estate planning focus: elderly financial abuse

A recent national bank survey of America's elderly and that demographic's estate planning readiness reveals that a clear majority of older individuals view finances as a private affair.

That is a mistake in many instances, given the outsized vulnerability of that group in money matters. American seniors have a figurative bulls-eye on their backs for scammers seeking to financially exploit them.

Would an LLC be the best option for your business?

When you start your new business here in Ohio, you will have numerous decisions to make that will affect its future. One of the most important of them will be choosing the type of entity under which you want to form your business.

You may have considered a sole proprietorship if you will own the business alone, or a partnership or corporation if you will own it with others. However, there is another option that may provide you with the protections and benefits you are looking for -- a limited liability company.

What’s the big deal about employers soliciting past salary history?

It’s a prospective employer’s inquiry that legions of job applicants in Ohio and nationally puzzle over and hesitate to answer during job interviews.

And it has been a standard query for decades.

Federal court to oversee musical realm unfair competition claim

Business litigation in Ohio and nationally spans a virtual universe of possibilities, which we note on our website at the Dayton commercial law firm of Gottschlich & Portune. We represent diverse clientele in matters ranging from contract breach, shareholder/partnership disagreements and insurance claims to employment issues, construction lawsuits and many additional matters.

One vital focus area for any seasoned law firm – and certainly for ours – is the realm of unfair business competition. A key expectation of the American marketplace is that it must operate free of any business actor’s ability to reap an unfair competitive advantage through unlawful means. Federal laws and enactments in all the states, including Ohio, offer strong antitrust protections that seek to ensure a fundamentally fair playing field.

What legal rights does a new mother in Ohio have at work?

Pregnant women in the workforce are protected by certain federal laws—such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. However, state-specific protections for pregnant women vary greatly.

What laws are in place in Ohio to serve the needs of pregnant or nursing workers? In this article, we examine three key areas of Ohio law:

Two thumbs up: data underscore vibrant Ohio business climate

Nearly 380 a day on average, every single day of the month.

Extrapolated, that is what the data reveal regarding new business filings in Ohio last month. As noted in one state publication reporting on Ohio’s business landscape, that lofty number makes March of this year “the second-best month for new business filings in state history.”

The benefits of owning a franchise

Owning your own business may have been your dream for a long time. Perhaps you felt the spark way back when you got your first part-time job working at a fast food or retail franchise. Like many, you probably learned a lot about work ethic, management and back-of-house operations when you were working during your teen years, and that feeling of success was something you wanted to share with your own future employees.

Of course, working part-time only scratched the surface of the information you needed to learn about running a business. When you began to seriously pursue the idea, one thing you may have realized quickly is that it would take you years to have the money, the knowledge and the skills to start your own business from the ground up. This is why many Ohio entrepreneurs turn to franchises.

Resorting to arbitration: make that a reasoned business decision

"[N]o one wants to litigate."

We understand that at the Dayton business law firm of Gottschlich & Portune. In fact, the above quote is from our website, which dutifully notes our experience as legal advocates for our diverse clients in both arbitration and court. Our attorneys believe that arbitration can be an optimal first-choice forum selection to resolve contractual disputes in many instances, but it is often the proven willingness to litigate a matter aggressively before a judge that makes it so.

Article spotlights alleged on-the-job age discrimination

Ohio employers in Dayton and across the state daily face hard challenges from disgruntled and otherwise disaffected workers. We note at Gottschlich &Portune that, "While many claims made by employees are legitimate, many others are not."

In fact, our proven employment law firm's website stresses that some alleged worker grievances are more fiction than fact and can even "be malicious actions by people who are angry or just seeking to cash in."

Do employers have duty to act re domestic violence matters?

Yes, it's a sensitive subject, but domestic violence linked to the workplace is something that cannot be ignored by an employer duly concerned with both its workforce and company operations.

As a recent overview of work-related domestic violence stresses, "HR needs to be ready to investigate if it suspects an employee is the perpetrator of domestic violence."

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